Rocco to the Rescue

Rocco Siffredi gets hundreds of calls from people who want to dramatically improve their sex lives.

Eroticism needs help, a sure fire guide to great sex!
These calls have convinced Rocco to use his experience to help those in need of sexual healing.
Meet Rocco Siffredi, a man who has resolved to help couples regain intimacy. Everyone has something to teach, and this is his specialist field!
The mind is free, with every sense stimulated. The show is a manual on how to avoid sexual boredom.
A format in which the couple’s story and the host’s charm unite to overcome obstacles of intimacy.
It is a very real mission:
“To regain eroticism and complicity in a couple.”



#Mai più bullismo, the first italian version of the international format 'The Bully Project', from Wednesday 23 November at 23.15, Rai2.