Art U Can Eat

The daily strip of the program takes place in the beautiful laboratory where Paola creates her art. This is the place where Paola each day teaches the viewers the secrets of her work and explains how to make spectacular cakes, from the easy ones to the real difficult sugar sculptures.
In each prime time episode, Paola welcomes a guest in her laboratory. The guest is organizing a party and he or she wants it to be unforgettable: this is why they ask for Paola’s help. Paola gathers all the necessary information: party theme and number of guests. But before starting her project, she needs to know one more fundamental aspect: the location. Paola and the guest go visit the venue, so that Paola get can a clearer idea of the space she has to set up. Now, she can get started…! She then goes back to her lab to start working on the sketches and assign tasks to her staff. Her creative idea starts to take shape and we are there to tell it all.
During the episode, we focus on the challenge the team is faced with and we see how (sugar) art is created. The theme is different in each episode and, each time, viewers can just say “WOW!”.
At the end of the preparations, Paola sets up the venue with her creations, just a few minutes before the party takes off.



#Mai più bullismo, the first italian version of the international format 'The Bully Project', from Wednesday 23 November at 23.15, Rai2.