The Violence of Love

Every day, thousands of women are subjected to domestic abuse. Most of these stories go untold, and entire families suffer in silence. In every episode of The Violence of Love, a real case of romance gone horribly wrong is recounted by the victims themselves, or family members, friends and co-workers, if they have been killed, and then analyzed psychologically. With reconstructions and direct testimony and interviews, we re-trace the story from its origins to the act of violence itself. What makes a man go from love to murder? Does the victim fall into a trap?

Genre: docu-factual
Duration: 60/100 minutes
Number of episodes: 100 (7 series)
Channel: Rai3
Time slot: Prime time/late night
Ratings: doubled the share



#Mai più bullismo, the first italian version of the international format 'The Bully Project', from Wednesday 23 November at 23.15, Rai2.